Join us for our next Casa Con December 13-15, 2024

We started Casa Con in June 2020 as a response to everything that was happening in the world. People were stressed out and needed an escape. With cons gone, we saw many of our friends and creators struggling.

We wondered, what could we do?

Enter Casa Con.

It started out as an emergency con to help bring people together and give them an outlet to forget about the outside world and just have fun. Despite the short notice, we were able to pull off something amazing and the community loved what we had to offer. After that, we brought you two more events for a total of three cons full of speakers and guests from around the world.

Now the world is opening back up and there is hope in the air for in-person events. With that, we have decided that the June 2021 Casa Con will be our last summer event. Don’t worry though, we plan on having a Casa Con every year in December.

Of course, the party doesn’t stop when the con ends. By joining the Casa Con Discord server, you get to join our growing community, be a part of monthly events, and meet talented friends from around the world

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