Introducing Our June 2021 Sponsor – BizBaz Club

We discovered BizBaz Club several months ago as they also host monthly digital events on their Discord Channel. As we looked into their company more, we really loved the fact that they are elevating artists and providing them a place to sell their work without dealing with large companies taking a huge percentage of the sales. As another organization that hosts digital events and wants to find ways to support artists, we really loved what they were doing. When we reached out to see if they would be interested in providing some prizes for our Cosplay Contest winners we were so happy when they said yes!

Here’s some more info directly from BizBaz Club:

BizBaz Club is a community of artists supporting artists in a positive & inclusive way. We founded BizBaz Club (formerly Bizarre Bazaar SD & B2 Kawaii Gift Shop) in 2018. Despite the rebranding, our mission still remains the same!

The structure of BizBaz Club is a consignment shop representing over 150 artists all over the world! We sling their wearable art to help promote them and connect people to new creators. We have pins, patches, stickers, prints, jewelry, apparel and more!

We also host monthly pop ups for artists and lovers of art! BizBaz Club has vendors, live entertainment, exclusive collectibles, contests with cash prizes, giveaways and more.

The cherry on top of BizBaz Club is our Discord. It’s free to join and is for anyone: artist or not. We talk about our goals in there (personal or professional), network, ask for help and sometimes just share some funny memes! Join here.

BizBaz Club connects all lovers of art from creators to collectors and everyone in between. Come join the BizBaz Club today!”