Meet Our December 2021 Sponsor – Peach Flower House

We are super excited to have Peach Flower House as both a guest and sponsor for Casa Con December 2021! Peach Flower House is an independent publishing house specializing in Chinese novels and LGBTQIA+ fiction. Peach Flower House started up in 2020 and published four titles, which you can find here:

Winners of the cosplay contest will receive gift cards to purchase titles from Peach Flower House! They are also speaking on a panel about licensing/publication submissions!

Here’s more info directly from Peach Flower House:

Peach Flower HouseTM LLC is an independent publishing company based in Southern California. Our goal is to fuel the passion and fulfill the need for the vast world-wide range of creative content that has not been traditionally accessible.

We want to be the provider of accessible high-quality translations and original creative content that are LGBTQ+ friendly, inclusive, provocative, and inspiring from creators all over the world to English-speaking audiences.

In cooperation with international publishers and independent creators, and by directly focusing on the best medium, Peach Flower HouseTM will provide a centralized platform for cross-boundary collaboration.