Introducing Our June 2021 Sponsor – Moshi

We discovered Moshi one day when visiting on of our favorite Japanese Grocery Stores – Dainobu. They offered three tasty sounding soda: Yuzu, White Peach Yuzu, and Red Shiso and Apple Yuzu. Curious, we decided to go with the Red Shiso and Apple soda and we were hooked. It’s unlike any other soda we have ever had and that hint of yuzu really brings the whole drink together. We really wanted to spread the word of Moshi to others so we reached out to see if they would be interested in doing a brand sponsorship with us and they said YES!!

We’re happy to announce that Moshi will be providing some of their sodas to the winners of our Cosplay Contest in each category. The company started up in 2020 (what a year) and managed to survive the craziness. Now they’re popping up in more stores and we hope that they expand even further throughout the US and abroad. We hope that we can bring more awareness to their brand with this prize to our winners. One note: as they are a small company they can only ship to the United States so we are limiting our cosplay contest to the US. Hopefully by our next con they will offer international shipping!