Dec20 Artist Alley – Page 2

Hi there! My name is Sandy and I am the artist of The Seventh Station. The Seventh Station is world consisting of liminal spaces. It houses the emotions of the treacherous journeys, the suspenseful silences, the calm before the storm. As the artist, I aim to use my art to show you the adventures that take place in my world through visual storytelling. I hope you enjoy your visit at The Seventh Station. Visit The Seventh Station: Website Instagram Twitch...

Hello! My name is Mel Hohn, I’m a Canadian watercolour illustrator who loves painting soft & magical art from mermaids and bugs, to fairies and skulls! When I’m not painting, I’m usually found baking, sewing, or binging Netflix with a big bowl of popcorn My favourite things to do at comic con is to catch up with friends and buy stuff from my neighbours! Shop: Instagram: Twitter:

Hi, I'm Sweeney Boo! I'm a comic artist and illustrator based in Canada. Website: Store: Socials: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

I'm an artist who specializes in drawing kawaii anime girls~! I'm new to the artist alley scene so my current selection is a little small right now, but I'll be gradually adding new products to my shop over time! At the moment I'm selling prints, stickers, keychains, and acrylic standees~ I also offer commissions as well!! Social Media Instagram: DeviantArt: Store Etsy:

My name is Bee, I'm an LGBT artist, and I create a variety of cute and nostalgic art! While bears and bees may be my primary focus; I also enjoy drawing delicious food pieces. My newest passion has been making homemade candles inspired by my favorite hobbies and games! Store: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Nindei is an artist based in Poland. She has been drawing for 5-6 years and looks up to artists like Sakimi Chan, WLOP, and more. She draws her inspiration from games, anime, and artists as well as nature and history. You can find shop at her store: Society6 Inprnt gumroad You can also support her work through Ko-Fi. Make sure to follow her on her social media profiles: Instagram Twitter Deviantart Artstation    ...

London-born comic creator and illustrator with a multicultural background and a tendency to enjoy drawing pectoral muscles. Follow them on social media: Twitter: IG: Shop their store Check out their webcomic: Ocean Soul:

My name is Yuffie, an illustrator based in the UK and I've been a digital artist since 2014. I love drawing characters and expressing myself through my art! Fashion, fairies, and glitter are definitely my inspiration behind most of my works. I sell art prints and hope to sell more merchandise in the future. Follow Yuffie on her site and social media: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Check out Yuffie's store: Shop:

I'm a freelance illustrator who loves traditional art in fantasy and magical settings. The songs and the history I hear give me a lot of inspiration for my artwork. Follow Yami11arts on social media: twitter: instagram: artstation: da: Shop Yami11arts store: etsy: Redbubble: Support Yami11arts on Ko-Fi Ko-Fi: ...