My name is Laluna_otaku, 23 years of age and I’m from Zambia. I’ve been cosplaying for some time now but on the 1st of April 2017, I went public. I love anime, rock & classic music, fashion, cosplaying, and video games. Social Media Instagram: Facebook:

Now that I have been cosplaying for 5 years or so, I wanted to make one of my dream cosplays. When I look back at my first cosplay(World of Warcraft alliance guard) I think about the game I love very much. I always wanted to make a Draenei. I always play Draenei in the game because of their grace of the character and body and, of course, the hooves. So after a couple of years of cosplaying and gaining more confidence I wanted to make a Draenei character. When I saw Yrel in the game Heroes of the Storm I  immediately knew I had to make this kind of armor - it's a beautiful white armor with gold. I've never made something like...

Alena Van Arendonk has been cosplaying for nearly two decades with her group “…And Sewing Is Half The Battle!”, an Indiana-based cosplay team that has garnered more than 50 awards for their costumes and performances at events around the United States. As an entirely self-taught seamstress and craftsman, Alena enjoys helping novice cosplayers improve their craft through workshops and seminars. She also provides professional costuming and SFX makeup work for film, theatre, and museums. When she's not making costumes, Alena works as a film, stage, and voice actress. She also juggles the hats of author, artist, historic preservationist, gamer, and fangirl. Check out her site: Social Media Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:

Hello I'm Michelle, I've been cosplaying for about 5 years.  I got into cosplay when I first attended anime expo and I cosplayed Michonne from the walking dead it was an amazing experience so ever since then I've loved cosplaying. I love cosplaying anything Garnet related. I believe cosplay is for everyone and everyone should have fun doing it. My dream is to finally build out something out of foam. I also host a podcast called Otaku Boujee, which talks about the different things mostly nerd related, cosplay, conventions, and things like that. Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Otaku Boujee Instagram: Otaku Boujee Podcast: