Sannetastic Cosplay



Now that I have been cosplaying for 5 years or so, I wanted to make one of my dream cosplays.
When I look back at my first cosplay(World of Warcraft alliance guard) I think about the game I love very much.
I always wanted to make a Draenei. I always play Draenei in the game because of their grace of the character and body and, of course, the hooves.
So after a couple of years of cosplaying and gaining more confidence I wanted to make a Draenei character. When I saw Yrel in the game Heroes of the Storm I  immediately knew I had to make this kind of armor – it’s a beautiful white armor with gold. I’ve never made something like this so I wanted to give it a shot!
It’s almost done and I can’t wait to finish it all.
For now, I will show you guys what I do with my makeup and the dress up for Yrel.
Have fun!