Xephyr Studios



I am a cosplayer and propmaker based in Houston, TX. Since 2016, I have developed specialty in hard-surface construction such as armor and props, though of course I’ve done my share of sewing, wig styling, makeup, and other fundamental cosplay skills. I typically work with 3D modeling and printing, molding and casting, and foamsmithing to create my builds. I also love incorporating electronics, especially programmable LEDs.

My most recent claim to fame was placing 2nd in the International division of C2E2’s Crown Championships of Cosplay. My Moira build was my most complex creation to date, and I’ll be sharing the development process in one of my panels here.

I also enjoy sharing fabrication methods with the community! I’ll often post tips and tricks on my social media (@xephyrstudios on all platforms), and if there’s anything you have a specific question about, feel free to send a DM. For full build details, check out my portfolio on my website (xephyrstudios.com).