Stephanie Southerland

Voice Actor


Stephanie Southerland’s voice can be heard in many commercials, video games, and animation projects. She is best known in the video games world for voicing the role of Jean Gunnhildr in Genshin Impact. Other notable roles include Freyja in Fire Emblem Heroes, Gloria in Pokemon Masters as well as several upcoming Blizzard games. Notable animation roles are Polly Pocket in Polly Pocket Adventures, Madame Blueberry and Callie Flower in the latest VeggieTales series reboot The VeggieTales Show, Natasha Zima and Glitch in Rainbow High, and several exciting upcoming animation series. In addition to her voiceover skills, Stephanie is also seasoned in many other aspects of performing including acting, dance, and vocal performance: mix/belt, musical theater classical (legit), classical, and pop. Stephanie earned her BFA in Music Dance Theatre at Brigham Young University. Stephanie helps run Voice Actors Network that provides advanced-level clinics for working pro voice actors. Stephanie resides in Los Angeles, California with her sound-engineer husband Aaron. You may often find her with a rotating roster of foster kittens at any moment.