Saffron Fields

Game Dev


Saffron Fields is an arcade tank game devoted to physics rather than hitpoints. It is about a little brave tank fighting terrorists and drug dealing PMCs. Play campaign or endless mode with your friends. Brawl enemies out of the fight. Defeat mighty bosses. Bring peace to the Saffron Fields!

Wishlist on Steam now!

You’ll have:

  • A tank that can shoot, jump and do a somersault
  • A greedy, reckless, drug-dealing PMC, staffed by copters, fighters, digging tanks and mechas
  • Infinite fun of trying to throw everybody from the edge
  • Kickass, plunging into a battle trance soundtrack by Damscray

4 different game mods!

  1. Campaign — tricky arenas, cutscenes, and unique boss fights
  2. Endless — compete with saffron farmers around the world in a global leaderboard
  3. Co-op — see how long you can survive with your friend in local multiplayer
  4. Duel — destroy your friendship by showing ultimate tank skillz