Ruby Layne



Los Angeles-based musician Ruby Layne debuted in 2020 with her eponymous EP release on January 17. Layne’s lush, sweeping arrangements lift soaring melodies that carry powerful, defiant anthems punctuated by strong pop sensibilities.

Layne, originally an actor, had been singing in performances since a very young age and found the authenticity she was looking for in many a role by becoming her own artist after moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to LA at the end of 2015. Since the release of Layne’s EP, she has put together a band — The Wicked Divine — and finished writing her debut album “After the Apocalypse” last summer.

In creating art without compromise, Layne is hoping to spark change through the messages she believes in and unapologetically expresses in her music. Ruby Layne & The Wicked Divine are currently working on pre-production for After the Apocalypse, a process which began remotely and in compliance with social distancing guidelines in October 2020.