Rissa Montañez

Voice Actor


Rissaa Montañez is a voiceover artist in Chicago, IL and have been voicing characters for podcast series since 2013. She has performed every role since then with my home studio setup and absolutely love what she does. Her most recent and beloved achievement has been working with the cast and crews as showrunner for the Bloody FM Podcast Network on The Dead, a new podcast anthology series created in partnership with The George A. Romero Foundation.

When she’s not working on scripts or planning her next binge-watch of movies and shows that she loves, she can be found at home planning or working on personal projects, spending her time expressing advocacy for IPV and DV Awareness, baking banana bread, so much else!
Much of her voiceover experience has been centered around character voiceover for fiction podcasts in the horror/sci-fi genres, however she also have experience in corporate narrations, e-learning, radio promo, and presets for IVR/Telephony systems