Rainy City Pandemic

Indie Game Dev


Are you ready to make deliveries for Betty’s Pizza in this cyberpunk, pandemic-plagued future? You’re a worker with a mission- your sister Naomi has fallen ill, and you need to raise enough money to get her medical treatment before she gets any worse. Navigate the streets of Rainy City while delivering groceries, pizza and medicine to people scattered around town. You’ll meet customers from all walks of life. Discover how their lives have changed and how they’re dealing with the pandemic- and look back over your own history too. Not everything in Rainy City is bleak- there’s hope and optimism out there if you’re looking for it. You’ll have to watch your food and fuel levels while driving- keep an eye out too for returns for bonus bucks! Can you make enough deliveries in time to save your sister?

Game Links Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1316050/Rainy_City_Pandemic/

LunaBeat Links Website: http://www.lunabeat.com/

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