Bunstack Games

Indie Game Developer


Bunstack Games is a French artistic collective. It is shaped around Lenophie’s games and ideas, it gathers young talents from engineering and videogame/interactive media schools. They seek to make games that tell stories through game mechanics, games that make the players question their well-informed actions and beliefs. Quasiphies preaches love, inclusivity, and tolerance. As such, many of its creations are designed to be cute yet weird.

They are currently working on Horribunnies


Horribunnies is a bunny-raising game where the player gets to feed, clean, and pet their bunnies. However, this care is not misplaced: the player has to carry out orders for customers who want to adopt bunnies. The player can part ways with bunnies matching specific criteria -such as their color or length of their ears- in exchange for resources. As such traits are inherited genetically, the player will selectively encourage the breeding of its bunnies!

Check out the teaser trailer below:


  • Bond with the cutest virtual bunnies you’ve ever seen, they come in all shapes and sizes but require the same amount of petting!
  • Send some bunnies for adoption so you can, in return, keep pandering to your favorite one. :3
  • Get food, equipment and cosmetics for your buns so they can get as happy as bunnily possible!!
  • Traits are inherited genetically, breed responsibly!
  • Everything is as flashy and sweet as it can get, from lovely graphics to sugary musics!
  • … and much more we have yet to announce!