Primitive Pixels Game

Game Developer


Solo indie dev. Working on: WHISPER: in the Dark, a Metroidvania game.

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Journey Through a World Reclaimed by Nature and Madness

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of darkness as Whisper, a cloaked enigma draped in shadows, you’ll find yourself in a world on the brink, a realm left unchecked for far too long. All cosmic life hangs on the balance of light and darkness. The blinding irradiated illumination that sparks existence across the cosmos, and the enigmatic darkness, who’s emissaries are dispatched to worlds that have reached their ‘inevitable’ human conclusions.

But, when a single world seemingly slips far past it’s planned reset, Our silent emissary is dispatched to uncover the keys to this worlds fate. Will you shut out the light for good, or forge your own moral choices within the darkness?