Paxton Lee

Voice Actor


Paxton Lee is an American voice actor and impressionist based in Southern Illinois. He has voiced official promotions for several Webtoon series’, some of which include: “Honey Lemon”, “Death: Rescheduled”, “Schoolbus Graveyard”, and “Homesick”. He also plays the role of Ben Tennyson in the motion comic adaptation of “5 Years Later” by The Ink Tank. Additionally, he’s appeared in the video game “Postal 4” and several YouTube animated series’, such as “The Zelda Multiverse” and “Smash Bracket”.

Paxton has training in video game, animation, narration, and ADR work. He’s also had the opportunity to study with industry veteran actors and directors like Amber Lee Connors, Brook Chalmers, David Sobolov, and Xander Mobus.

As someone who doesn’t live near any major cities where conventions usually happen, Paxton is thrilled to be able to take part in Casa Con this year. Whether it be just chatting in the text channels or speaking during a formal panel, he’s looking forward to seeing you all this December!

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