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Find inner peace in a top-down, small, open-world game.

Make things better by growing plants, helping others, crafting and discovering a carefully handcrafted island…

but demons from your past might come back to remind you what you want to forget.

Explore different biomes, from cloud forests to snowy mountains. Experience farming (inspired by permaculture) and cook or prepare medicines. Gather resources to craft houses and clothes or simply relax on the back of a giant monster, looking at the clouds under a cherry blossom tree.

But your hardest task will be to find a way to talk to these poor souls who are wandering on the island. Who are they?

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After learning Unity and winning the GitHub Game Jam 2020 with a 2D platformer called “A trip to the moon”, Namra started developing Aka as a solo project. This was originally a 2D solar-punk title full of mini-games. In May 2021, Namra decided to quit his job as a lead animator, after 12 years in the animation industry, and his hope is to complete Aka in March 2022.