Michi is the Very Very Bad Girl award-winning writer of VVBG, the hugely popular and prolific comic-creator duo behind The God in the Field, Born Sexy Tomorrow, Thick As Thieves, Knight’s Choice, and their newest hit work, Sharpe & Rabbit.

Together with her artist partner Archia, VVBG creates original BL stories in a variety of genres ranging from sci-fi comedy to dark romance to neo-noir spy thriller, with a passion for “complicated stories about flawed characters.”

Michi has been writing m/m stories for as long as she’s had the internet. A fan culture veteran ever since the ’90s, she remembers the days of bootleg VHS tapes and yahoo groups mailing lists for slash fic. An avid lover of research, she maintains a keen interest in memeology, fandom history, Japanese fashion & counterculture, and BL academia, with a focus on analysis from both an Eastern and Western lens.

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