Michaela Laws

Voice Actor


A Chicago-based voice talent and storyteller directing and producing video games and animation, Michaela is a 31-year-old mixed-race demiwoman. Growing up as the eldest child of two military veterans, she learned how to create stories and make characters come to life with her voice in both singing and acting.

Immediately after college, Michaela became a freelance indie game developer, content creator, and successful voice actor. She has produced many visual novel games and audio-dramas such as Seduce Me the Otome, Remember Remember, and Ruffled.

Michaela has been blessed enough to work with multiple directors and projects like CatFace’s MyStreet series, Dread Central, and others as a voice talent. She continues to offer her services to projects as a director and voice actor to this day.

Check out her site: https://www.michaelaamandalaws.com/