Marion Toro

Voice Actor


Marion is a Black and Pansexual non-union voiceover talent from New Jersey and is now based in central Pennsylvania. Initially starting as a theater kid at the age of 9, she pursued a career in voice over after college.

She has well-rounded experience in animation, interactive projects, ADR/Dubbing/Looping, and podcasts. Her animated and creative voice has been featured in award-winning animations and podcasts. Some of her favorite animations are “Sailor Moon,” “Gargoyles,” and “Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child. She loves helping others and bringing joy to projects with her imaginative spirit.

Her latest projects have been ADR for “Goodbye Monster,” the voice of Scarlett Rubio in the podcast “Wild Card: Shuffle,” and the voice of various roles in “Minecraft: Dungeons & Dragons” DLC.

You can check out her work and upcoming projects on her website: