Kim Morton

Voice Actor


Kim Morton has said and done things since the moment they knew how. This would become a career of saying and doing things, beginning with acting for indie video games and animations, sidestepping into corporate narration, and sidestepping further into eLearning, audiobooks, advertising, audio production, casting, directing, scoring; whatever was needed. This eclectic body of work lazily spiraled into a cheap apartment in Carrollton (another type of Dallas), where they’d say and do more, but arguably professionally.

Now, they work at Crunchyroll as a timecoder, recording engineer, and actor, hoping to eventually achieve the title of “huh? oh, yeah, they work here, not sure what they do, though.” Notable acting roles include Noa Kuonji in Skate-Leading Stars, Older Freddie in Scholastic W.O.R.D.,  the screaming in the background of two At Home commercials, and two glass cannons in Attack on Titan. Notable engineering roles include assisting with Attack on Titan, One-Piece, Trigun: Stampede, and Dr. Stone, and leading on Kaguya-Sama: Love is War S3. Their favorite type of react is CT.