Joe Pykett

Indie Game Developer


Joe is an artist who has been working professionally in games for over 12 years and has risen through the ranks all the way to senior artist.

He has skills in almost every area from art to animation and is now building his first solo project Tritone.

You can follow his personal work on his art station:

and you can follow tritone on twitter and Facebook, both of which update on Saturdays at 9 AM (UK time)

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Tritone is an action-adventure game with a dose of puzzles and action in equal measure and a light dusting of secrets and treasure on the side. Follow Nexus, an unlikely hero in a world torn apart by a hoard of mysterious creatures and a silent force or strange power that lies behind them. Accompanied by a cast of colorful characters and giant robot fists, punch, dash, and push your way to the answers they all need to solidify their survival.


  • Adventure through a maze-like world split up into areas that link together with a Metroidvania like feel
  • Craft items to aid you on your journey
  • Delve into deep dungeons with powerful bosses and perplexing puzzles
  • Seek out treasure and secrets to uncover the history of the world
  • pummel strange creatures with dark intent using a combat system that allows you to customize your fighting style
  • features a full musical score by the talented Mike lane