Isaac Taitz



Dr. Isaac Taitz, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist, published author, researcher, and speaker specializing in Geek therapy and sleep treatment for patients of all ages. He earned his Doctorate and Masters in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University and his Bachelors in Human Development with honors from Cornell University.  Dr. Taitz uses the Geek therapy approach to utilize clients’ pop-culture interests to level up their self-care skills. Through therapeutic team-ups, patients learn how to manage: depression, anxiety, inattention, impulsivity, chronic pain, post-concussion syndrome, bereavement, relationships, and autism spectrum behaviors.

Additionally, Dr. Taitz’s sleep specialties include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, Imagery Rehearsal Therapy for nightmares, as well as Lucid Dreaming Therapy for grief/loss and a variety of other conditions. Outside of therapy sessions, Dr. Taitz can be found discussing psychology and pop-culture on various podcasts (Dark Loops, Mental Health Quest, etc.) or social media accounts (@allmindhealth), and joking around with local improv comedy groups!