Eli Brennan

Eli Brennan

Voice Actor


Eli Brennan is a Voice Actor based out of Virginia with a love of food, cats, and acting! He always had a love for the arts has come from a background in orchestra, but never had the chance to explore that love of acting in his earlier years. He is an avid Video Game and Anime enthusiast, which has served to foster and grow his love of voice acting even now!

Eli got his start in voice acting rather spontaneously— he picked up a microphone one day, carved out a little space under the stairs next to his SO’s dresses and pants, and decided “Better late than never?” and hasn’t looked back since. He now works remotely from his Home Studio to provide professional and memorable performances to all sorts of projects. You can hear him as Soma in Fire in His Fingertips, The Puppeteer in Crawlyard, as well as Kay in The Overlord Isn’t Another Isekai Protagonist, Is He?

As a first-time guest at CasaCon, he is excited to bring smiles, laughs, and hopefully a little knowledge to the folks tuning in.