Harpreet Malla


Dr. Harpreet Malla, registered psychologist,  identifies as a 1.5 generation Indian-American feminist and enjoys navigating the cultural nuances those experiences have brought her. Dr. Malla has a passion for working with identity development as it pertains to LGBTQ, bicultural, and BIPOC populations and recently has seen a rise in couples navigating arranged or other nontraditional marital practices in her work, including interracial/interfaith couples and those in poly constellations. Dr. Malla is also the Diversity Chair for the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, is currently authoring a book chapter, and has spoken as an educator at several corporations, universities, and conferences. In her spare time, she enjoys delighting in the MCU & DCEU, analyzing narratives and infusing pop psychology in pop culture, making soap, traveling, and trying new foods.

You can follow her on Instagram: @DrMallaPsych