David Cui Cui

Voice Actor


David Cui Cui is an Asian American voice actor who after spending his entire life on the east coast has found himself now based in LA. While he has always been interested in shows, games, and the actors behind the characters he so loved growing up, it wasn’t until a year after graduating university where he decided, on a whim, to pursue voice acting as a career with no prior training to stand on.

David has since portrayed characters in video games such as Akira Tadokoro in LIVE A LIVE, Zhang Liao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Idrisi and Shakhbout in Genshin Impact, and Tex and Dr. Q in Jagged Alliance 3, and in anime titles like Kingdom and The First Slam Dunk. He also provides character voices for audio dramas and live dubbing, and provides internal narration for College Board. Outside of acting, David enjoys kitchen experimentation and continues to play video games nearly every day.

Check out his website: https://www.cuicuivo.com/