D from Peach Flower House

Publishing House


D is the Chief Operations Officer of Peach Flower House LLC, an independent publishing company specializing in Chinese novels and LGBTQIA+ fiction. In her role, D is responsible for running marketing campaigns, keeping abreast of market trends, and ensuring that the day to day operations for Peach Flower House run smoothly. With over ten years of experience in human resources, learning and development, and operations/management, she has been an advocate for process improvement in several companies (such as Burlington Stores) prior to this role.

When she isn’t herding Blossom back into her sheep pen, she likes to savor green tea, bake, curse her luck at gatcha rolls, pull out a good book, or jam to some karaoke. She also enjoys film analysis, idolish7, and remembers buying anime on bootleg VHS tapes through the mail. (Ouch).

Check out Peach Flower House here: https://www.peachflowerhouse.com/