Carola Olsen



Carola has her fingers in a multitude of pies, from organizing to lecturing, but the sweetest tasting one is Boys Love stories.

She first fell in love with BL as a teen, and once she realized she could write these stories herself, there was no turning back. As an indie author, she made her debut with the novel SNOW in 2009, followed by Jaded and Love Addict, as Norway’s (presumably) first published BL author.

In her writing she pursues what makes her own heart race when reading her favorite BL stories, while also incorporating elements of more realistic nature. Chosen family and mental health are two such topics, paired with a solid dose of spice and angst.

In 2021 she released her 4th novel Change of Heart, as well as the Advent Calendar-style web novel Poinsettia on Tapas.

In addition to writing BL fiction, she appears at conventions and events to talk about Boys Love, and geek culture as a whole. She is also a co-host of the podcast The Yaoishelf, as well as the pilot project Nørdpod.

She is a professional fangirl with a heart that beats for visual-kei, and a little too quickly because of all the caffeine.


You can find her on social media @authorcarola


Check out her website: Change of Heart