Ariana Rosario

Voice Actor


Ariana Rosario is a Dominican-American voice actor with over 5 years of experience in video games and animation. She’s known for roles in indie titles such as Altapi in “Fallen Tear: The Ascension”, Aphrodite from the mobile game “Mythic Heroes”, Morgen in “Moon Observatory: Iris”, Matilda in “Path of the Midnight Sun” and Alicia in “Eden’s Last Sunrise”. She was recently featured in a popular fan animation “Shadows in the Sands” showcased at Hoyofair where she voiced Jeht and Babel.

She’s also known under the alias “Luucarii” for some fan projects including many popular Fan Danganronpa projects such as Danganronpa: Despair Time as the protagonist Teruko Tawaki, Danganronpa: (He)Artless Deceit’s protagonist Akira Hayasaka. You can also hear them in many Zelda Universe projects (Skyward Sword dub, Palutena’s Guidence) on Youtube as well as JelloApocalypse’s “So This Is Basically Genshin Impact” as Lumine.

They’ve been training as much as they can with industry veterans like Crispin Freeman, Cassandra Lee Morris, Amber Lee Connors and Darren Dunstan. Ariana is super excited to be attending CasaCon and is looking forward to meeting everyone and being a part of the fun!

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