Alex Hom

Voice Actor


Alex Hom is a passionate Dallas, TX based actor with work spanning stage performance, commercials, movies, anime, and video games. With 15+ years of acting experience he has professionally pursued opportunities within the industry for the past decade. He hopes to continue his journey in voiceover and acting in general for many years to come while simultaneously being a source of information, advice and (hopefully) inspiration to those who need it, promising to be the person he always needed when he was younger.

While acting as a whole is his passion, voiceover, particularly in anime, is where you may have heard him most. He has been a part of numerous shows within the past few years including: “Aoshi”, “Attack on Titan”, “Chainsaw Man”, “Date A Live”, “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”, “Love After World Domination”, and many more. His most notable roles include: Yoshida in “Higehiro”, Rensuke Kunigami in “Blue Lock” Aka Ibuki in “AYAKA”, Babanuki in “One Piece” and most recently, Gaoshun in “Apothecary Diaries”. Aside from anime, Alex also has a handful of credits in live-action dubbing, movies including GKIDS films, as well as video games like My Time at Portia and Bombrush Cyberfunk.