Adem Tesfaye



Adem Tesfaye is a Madison, WI. native, NYC based emcee/songwriter, Hip-hop guitarist, a music producer whose music style has deep roots in Hip-Hop, funk, reggae, and blues. Adem draws his inspiration from artists like Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Tribe Called Quest, Gang Star, and the Roots. His craftsmanship of storytelling is unique and rhythmically hypnotic. Adem’s stature on stage and baritone voice ooze with sexy richness, heartfelt warmth, life wisdom, and command. Having lived in Seattle and NYC his sound is an elixir of grit, instrumentation, big stage performance, and Broadway lights. Adem released two solo albums, D-iZ-lll “the Sickness” and “Athedage” with producer Rick Flowers, Mannie Sanchez and Matt Mueller and shared stage with acts like Red Man, Method Man, De la soul, Pharside, Ben Harper, Spearhead, and Jazzmatazz. His latest projects include the Black Poet’s Society Reunion and the Binx, an NYC based blue funk band with a Hip-Hop edge.

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