I’m Bernardo Espanol, and I normally cover cosplay and video game conventions and meetups with my partner Jasmine Greene for our website We’ve made a LOT of friends covering and attending these conventions and made deep ties within the communities. Unfortunately, since the arrival of COVID-19, conventions across the world have been canceled. For the communities we love so much, the lack of cons means many have lost their one haven where they could be themselves and hang out with friends. Add to that, many indie artists and creators who depend on these cons have now lost a significant portion of their income. As this all goes on, we were seeing this take a heavy toll on our friends and community. 

We started to worry about them, a lot.

What can be done? What could we do? How can we do it?

We decided our only option was to make a convention. We would have to make it awesome and make it free. We wanted to highlight the talented creators we love while giving people a place to come together. Casa Con was born.

Our choice to use Discord instead of livestreaming on YouTube or Twitch is also a nod to conventions as it is a more ‘exclusive’ and ‘private’ event where only those who have reserved tickets can see all of the panels and musicians. It also has a better capacity to become a community. That is something we are all missing and needing right now. So we expect people to come for the con and stay for each other.

While a digital experience can never fully replicate the experience of attending a convention in person, we hope to get as close as possible. We believe we can do that. We tried our best to find and curate high quality that we know you will love from creators around the world. The plan is to keep growing and improving every year so you can have something exciting to look forward to without leaving the comfort of your home.

So come hang out, mingle, listen to fantastic music, watch some amazing livestreams and panels and shop at our awesome artist alley and vendors area. We did this for you, and we hope you like it. 

If you’d like to reach out to us email: or!

Love ya! 

Bernardo & Jasmine

Our Team

Here are the people who make Casa Con possible

Bernardo Espanol


Jasmine Greene


Ania D.